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What for is "Wait asynchronous event notifications" PBA option in Home> External Systems Director> Parallels Operations Automation> Settings ?

PBA 5.5: Home> System> Settings> POA Integration> Settings


The parameter defines whether PBA waits POA response (fail or success) to complete an order.

This option must correspond to a system property "Send asynchronous event notifications to Billing" set in POA Top> System Director> Configuration Manager> System Properties.

If you need a sales order be completed in PBA only when all the subscription provisioning tasks completed in POA, then the setting must be set to Enabled in PBA and Yes in POA.

Settings discrepancy may lead to unexpected behavior, for example:

Sales order fails with "Service Creation Timeout Exceeded", while the subscription is successfully created on POA side. This is a result of an event 'Creation Completed' executed twice:

  1. the first execution is successful (PBA-E is the event initator, it does not wait for POA, because setting is set to Disabled) and causes the subscription start;
  2. the second one (executed usually in less than a second, initiated by POA, because its setting is set to "Yes") is not, it fails because the subscription is in Starting status, the method OnServiceCreated fails with "Execution Failed: Subscription with Starting Service Status can not be started".

To complete such order - resubmit the failed event (as described in #116854) and resubmit an order for provisioning. The issue does not occur since PBA 5.5 (fixed in scope of PBA-40019, since 5.5 no attempts are made to start the subscription if it has the "Starting" or "Active" Service Status), however it is still recommended to keep POA and PBA settings consistent.

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