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  • Operations Automation

The article provides information about APS application hosting in OA:

  • General information about APS standard and applications
  • Best practices
  • Known issues
  • Troubleshooting techniques

1. APS standard and packages

Application package content
Application requirements

2. Types of APS packages provisioning

Shared Web Server
Dedicated VPS
External System
Site Application vs SaaS Application

3. APS provisioning infrastructure

Where imported APS packages are stored
Provisioning architecture
Provisioning Gateway Host

4. APS provisioning operations

APS application life cycle
Import new application
Install new application instance
Configure installed application instance
Upgrade application instance
Remove application instance
Synchronize resource usage for instances of APS applications

5. Troubleshooting APS problems

Task 'Executing configuration script' failures
Troubleshooting 'Executing configuration script' tasks
How to find OA tasks for particular application instance

6. Best practices

How to install locale for APS application
How to configure APS application to limit diskspace quota for users
How to install APS application on customer's domain automatically
How to change parameters of installed APS application instance

7. Known issues

Cannot install APS application: "env: /usr/libexec/php5-cgi/bin/php: No such file or directory"
Unable to install APS Package of External Provisioning type
APS application import fails: 'Error: %1 is not a valid Win32 application'
APS application does not use selected language
OA works unstable due to failed APS periodic tasks: CP unavailable, OpenAPI methods fail
APS task fails: 'Document not well-formed'
APS application task fails: 'Another operation on instance of application / service is already in progress'
Upgrade of APS application instance not to the latest version is not possible
Cannot install/update plugin for Wordpress application: 'Missing archive file'
APS task 'Executing configuration script' fails: 'Unknown function'

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