SSL certificate is generated per vendor domain name. For provider, this domain name is Management Node hostname, by default.

Resellers use the same domain as their provider until a reseller URL is not hidden. Thus, if a reseller with not hidden URL tries to generate an SSL Certificate request, the same domain as provider's one will be used. This can corrupt provider's SSL settings. That is why OBAS does not allow SSL setup for resellers with not hidden URL -- the SSL Setup item is not available in RCC menu in this case.


To make SSL Setup available for a reseller, provider should do the following:

  1. Hide reseller URL to provide a reseller with own domain name, which makes it possible to generate an SSL Certificate for this reseller.
  2. Make sure that Reseller Administrator permissions allow managing SSL. To this effect, please go the Configuration Director > Security Manager > Setup, select Reseller Permissions tab, click Edit and check the Set SSL settings box for Reseller Administrator role.

After this, SSL setup will become available for all hidden resellers and it will be possible to enable SSL in the same way as for Provider.

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