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Task 'processing event' fails in POA with the following diagnostics:
Task ID 4979192  
Task name       processing event 'Subscription provisioned'      
Task description        processing event 'Subscription provisioned' (The resource provisioning for specific subscription has been completed.) event_id=11017     
Queue status    Failed   
Start not earlier than  Jan-30-2011 10:39        
Method name     actionProcessEvent on SCREF:event.processor:0    
Last execution output   system exception, ID ''
Unknown vendor minor code id (0), minor code = 0, completed = NO

In the main POA log we may see the rror like this:
Jan 30 13:59:31 poamn SoLoader: [14202:aebefba0] ERROR: lib: [txn:38377910 task:4979192 InteractiveHostOps::perform]
ExSystem: module_id:'PIMLib', ex_type_id:'110',Message:'312 : Connection to remote host cannot be open or is closed',
deprecated_codes = (0, 0), properties = { code: '312',message: 'Connection to remote host cannot be open or is closed', }


Event handler cannot process task correctly, probably due to custom handler added to the event 'Subscription provisioned' which cannot be executed correctly.


Log into POA Provider Control Panel.

Go to Top > System Director > Event Manager > Events Handling.

POA offers two ways to handle events: default and custom events handling. They are represented by two tabs in the Events Handling page.

Using default events handling you can view and change (or add) actions that are performed on certain events. This default setup will affect all the user accounts within POA (resellers, customers). Custom events handling allows you to set up actions which affect your own account only.

Find the event 'Subscription provisioned' on both tabs - 'Default Events Handling' and 'Custom Events Handling'.

Check if custom handler are configured for the event 'Subscription provisioned', e.g. to run custom script(s) which may fail to be executed and as a result event processing task will fail in POA.

Additional information

You may find more information about events processing in POA Provider Guide, chapter 'Monitoring System', section 'Handling Events'.

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