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Task 'configure DomainParking' fails in POA:

Task ID          1688180   
Queue name       service35   
Task name        configure DomainParking for CS: 34993   
Task description configure DomainParking for CS: 34993   
Queue status     Failed   
Start not earlier than Sep-07-2010 11:48   
Method name taskDispatcher_ on SCREF:DomainParking:0   
Last execution output Internal error: /usr/bin/perl
/usr/bin/perl /usr/local/pem/sysvhosts/domain_parking/ /usr/local/pem/sysvhosts/domain_parking/map.302-wp-redirects del failed with code 2 saying:
STDOUT: '' STDERR 'Can't open perl script "/usr/local/pem/sysvhosts/domain_parking/": No such file or directory


The script /usr/local/pem/sysvhosts/domain_parking/ is missing on Domain Parking server. It might happen due to problem with disk system, or if server was restored from wrong backup, or if file was accidentally removed manually.


The script may be restored POA package service-$OS-$OSVER-i386-domain_parking-$LATEST_VERSION.tgz which can be found in POA distribution, and in the folder /usr/local/pem/install/tarballs on POA Management Node).

Values of placeholders $OS, $OSVER, $LATEST_VERSION you may find in the list of POA packages installed on Domain Parking server.
  • Upload tarball to the problem Domain Parking server
  • Unpack tarball
  • Replace in the file

-Home => "%DP_HOME%",
-Home => "/usr/local/pem/sysvhosts/domain_parking/",

  • Copy to /usr/local/pem/sysvhosts/domain_parking
  • Restart failed task

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