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Provider created Service Plan in PBA-E and included license items into it.

Customer went to the Online Store, placed order and ordered license.

Order provisioning fails in PBA-E on resource upgrade step - PBA-E cannot create license in Parallels Key Administrator.

In PBA-E Provider Control Panel at Top > Configuration Director > Event Manager > Event Log we can find failed event 'Upgrade Resources for Subscription'.

Also, at Top > Configuration Director > Event Manager > Critical Failures we can find failed task 'UpgradeService' with diagnostics like this:
ID              350148
Event           352781
Event Handler   Upgrade Resources for Subscription     BM     
Status          Failed
Start Time      28-Dec-2010 13:39:04
End Time        01-Jan-1970 07:00:00
Completed (%)   0
Redo Counter    1
Comments        Execution Failed: Cannot find appropriate License Class to create License for Provisioning Item #2651.
Transaction ID  227833


Service Plan is misconfigured - license feature (e.g. 10 domains or 30 domain for Parallels Plesk Panel) was included into Service Plan while base license class (Parallels Plesk Panel license) was not included.

Such situation may happen if Provider added license items in Service Plan using button 'Add New Resource Rate' on the tab 'Resource Rates'. In this case PBA-E does not take into account dependencies between license resources which must be satisfied.


Provider has to correct Service Plan:
  • Log into PBA-E Provider Control Panel
  • Go to Top > Product Director > Plan Manager > Service Plans and find needed Service Plan
  • Switch to the tab 'Resource Rates'
  • Delete incorrectly configured license items from Service Plan (if any)
  • Add desired license options to plan using the button 'Configure Licenses/Features':
    • On the first step add base license class to Service Plan, e.g. 'Parallels Plesk Panel 9.5 for Unix/Linux'
    • On the second step add desired features, e.g. '10 Domains', '30 Domains' and so on.

The button 'Configure Licenses/Features' was especially designed to add license resources to Service Plan, it takes into account dependencies between license resources in PBA-E.

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