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Customer has two subscriptions in POA with IDs #1000101 and #1000102. Both subscriptions have DNS hosting resource.

Customer added domain to their account in POA Control Panel and used resource from subscription #1000101 to provide DNS hosting for the domain.

Customer wants to change DNS hosting for the domain to use resource from the subscription #1000102.


The goal may be achieved by temporarily removing DNS hosting from the domain and adding it back using resource from another subscription.

Customer may do the necessary steps on their own:

  • Log into POA Customer CP
  • Find the domain in the list of all domains
  • Switch to the DNS > DNS Hosting tab
  • Click the _Change DNS Hosting to External _button
  • On the next step click the 'Finish' button - DNS hosting will be removed for the domain (domain will be removed from POA-managed DNS servers)
  • Click the _'Change DNS Hosting to Internal' _button in domain properties
  • On the next step select the subscription #1000102 from drop-down list
  • Click 'Next' and 'Finish'

As a result of all these actions DNS hosting (which is using resource from the subscription #1000101) will be removed for the domain and will be added back using resource from the subscription #1000102.

All existing DNS records should stay without changes because POA does not remove them from database if DNS hosting is removed for the domain.

Provider may also perform the same actions using POA OpenAPI methods 'pem.removeDNSHosting' and 'pem.addDNSHosting'. In the API method 'pem.addDNSHosting' it is possible to provide ID of subscription to use, it should be #1000102.

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