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Provider configured PBA-E to only send notifications as HTML, not as PDF. Provider logged into PBA-E CP, went to Top > Communication Director > Notification Manager > Message Categories and disabled PDF in all message categories.

However, customers still receive notification with PDF attachments.


Provider may only configure default settings which will be applied to every newly created customer account. So, in this case customer will by default receive only HTML notifications.

However, customer may change default settings in their control panel and configure PBA-E to receive notifications of any desired type:
  • plain text
  • HTML
  • PDF

Customer may manage their own preferences in PBA-E CP at Top > My Contact Info > Notification Methods.

So, if customer configured PBA-E to send notifications as PDF attachments then Provider's settings will be overwritten.


If Provider want to completely disable sending notifications as PDF attachments they may disable corresponding message send method:
  • Log into PBA-E Provider control panel
  • Go to Top > Configuration Director > Miscellaneous Settings > Message Send Methods
  • Mark message send method 'Send e-mail in PDF format' as not supported

In this case customers will not be able to activate corresponding message send method in their CP.

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