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Article ID: 9094, created on Sep 30, 2010, last review on May 11, 2014

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A user in the Provider account can see the 'Billing Manager' subtree in the left navigation menu in the PBA Provider Control Panel. It should not be shown in the Provider CP because Provider account is not billable entity.


If the Provider's staff member can see the 'Billing Manager' subtree, that means that they have some privileges in their role which should not be there.


The following PBA privileges may enable a user to see the 'Billing Manager' subtree in the Provider Control Panel (these are customers' privileges and should not be included into the roles of the Provider's staff members):


Usually Provider's staff members have the 'Full Access' and/or custom roles attached, these roles should not have all the listed above privileges included.

Follow the steps below to resolve the problem.

  1. Log into the PBA Provider Control Panel.

  2. Go to Configuration Director > Security Manager > Users.

  3. Click on the user in question.

  4. Switch to the 'Roles' tab.

  5. Make sure that neither 'Reseller Full Access' nor 'Customer Full Access' roles are attached to the user. Detach them if they are attached.

  6. Click on the role attached to the user.

  7. Switch to the 'Privileges' tab.

  8. Remove all privileges listed above from the role if they exist.

  9. Repeat the steps 6-8 for every role attached to the user.

After that re-log into the PBA Provider Control Panel under the user in question, the problem should be resolved.

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