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Article ID: 8753, created on Aug 16, 2010, last review on May 2, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.0

Release notes

Full release notes for POA 5.0.1: Notes/poa-release-notes-5.0.1.pdf

1. Functional Changes

BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 SP2 software is supported.

2. Fixed Issues

Application Hosting
* Bug#480801 Failure during provisioning BackupAgent APS Application

Office Communications Hosting
* Bug#482481 OCS mobile client doesn't work on Blackberry devices

Hosted Dynamics CRM
* Bug#482514 Error message prohibits adding members to Sales Territories

Hosted Exchange
* Bug#480407 Address Rewriter Transport Agent for Exchange 2010
* Bug#480958 Cannot find Dispatcher Instance: BES01
* Bug#480962 Update statuses of BlackBerry accounts. Error: Input string was not in a correct format.
* Bug#481640 BlackBerry Enterprise Server Resource Kit 5.0 SP2 support

Messaging Services
* Bug#481824 Failure during provisioning MessageLabs resource type. Error: Name template '${company_name}' has been expanded into empty string.
* Bug#482033 MX Logic: Fix recipient usage. Subscription is locked.
* Bug#482622 All tasks "Postini org Email config for domain.tld" fails with error "This page has expired"

UI and System
* Bug#480114 Documentation Downloads uses POST
* Bug#480487 No instructions on how to move Exchange OAB to disk D:
* Bug#480656 No deployment instructions for BESAS role.
* Bug#481369 pem_admin for BlackBerry Administration Service authentication
* Bug#481384 DNS plugin should create manual DNS records, not system ones
* Bug#481693 HE Deployment Guide - unclear step for CAS deployment
* Bug#481716 Create Company Disclaimer for domain service failed. the execution of scripts is disabled on this system.
* Bug#482389 DNS pluggin Issue: TTLs are not synchronized
* Bug#482517 Modification type of restriction rule should include operation "Activate/Deactivate record"
* Bug#482565 MIG 5POA 5.0 BB provisioning does not work
* Bug#482700 "Billing Access" privilege doesn't work
* Bug#482705 Button "Billing" is no longer protected by privileges
* Bug#482843 Firewall guide should be updated -- port 80 for POA MN is missed
* Bug#482988 It should be possible to create restriction rules for NS records too, system records have to be subject of rules too

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