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Article ID: 8667, created on Jul 9, 2010, last review on Nov 24, 2017

  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 5.0

Problem statement

Provider has custom domain plug-in in PBA-E 4.4.x and want to use it in PBA-E 5.0.


This article will help Provider to convert old (PBA-E 4.4.x) domain registration plug-in to a new one (PBA-E 5.0).

The example below is provided for plug-in MYTEST.


The whole idea is that you do not need to write anything in the file (except plug-in configuration methods), you need to implement several C++ methods in the files and plugin.h with simple input and output structures.

In this article you may find instruction how to convert plug-in to the new format.


1) Copy old plug-in (folder with sources MYTEST) to the folder /root/:

# cp -r /usr/local/bm/bm-sdk/DomainPlugins/MYTEST /root/

UPGRADE to PBA-E 5.0 or perform clean installation of PBA-E 5.0

2) Change current working dir to the folder ~bm/share/DomainPluginTemplate/

# cd ~bm/share/DomainPluginTemplate/

3) Generate new plug-in MYTEST:


New plug-in will be created in the folder /root/DomainPlugins/MYTEST

4) It is necessary to reimplement all plug-in methods in terms of new PBA-E 5.0 SDK. There is a mapping between methods in (in the old plug-in) and new methods in plugin.cpp (in the new plug-in), they are provided in the table below. You need to analyse new method's structure and implement it (refer to SDK Documentation for Domain Plugins).

New method name (plugin.cpp) Old method name (
 checkAvailability  CheckForRegister
 checkTransfer  CheckForTransfer
 register  SubmitForRegistration
 registerContacts  no
 registerNameServer  no
 transfer  SubmitForTransfer
 renew  SubmitForRenewal
 terminate  SubmitForTermination
 updateDomainContacts  UpdateToRegistrarContacts
 updateDomainNameServers  UpdateDomain
 getStatus  CheckRenewalStatus
 getContactsStatus  no
 getNameServersStatus  no
 getDomainContactsStatus  no
 getDomainNameServersStatus  no
 getDomainInfo  no
 setTransferLock  no
 setWhoisPrivacy  no
 validateExtData  GetAndCheckRegistrarServiceParams
 processCallback  no

'no' in the table above means that there were no appropriate methods in PBA-E 4.4.x.

For additional information refer to PBA-E Domain Plug-In SDK.

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