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Article ID: 8523, created on May 17, 2010, last review on May 10, 2014

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  • H-Sphere


ClamAV daemon restarts continuously. Mail is not checked for viruses anymore.


ClamAV 0.94.* is EOL since 15 Apr 2010.


Update hsphere-mail-service package to version 4-46. The instructions follow.

In case of the simple approach, run installer/updater to perform update on each physical server carrying Mail logical server. For example:

# sh U30.0P10 update hspackages ips=<SERVER_IP>

Please replace the <SERVER_IP> placeholder with the actual IP address of the mail server you want to update. The following lines in the installer/updater output prove that the update was successful:

|   |   |   |-- Deleting hsphere-mail-service-4-44 package.
|   |   |   |   `-- hsphere-mail-service-4-44 package deleted (nodeps).
|   |   |   |-- Installing hsphere-mail-service-4-46 package.
|   |   |   |   `-- hsphere-mail-service-4-46 package installed.

For other approaches on how to run installer/updater, please refer to the H-Sphere System Administrator Guide at

Additional information

1) During the update: the qmail-todo process may start consuming all available CPU on the server which is being updated, thus slowing the update by several minutes per mail server. It is safe to terminate the process during the update, provided that when the update is complete, you will restart the qmaild service on manually.

To terminate qmail-todo, use the following command:

# killall -9 qmail-todo

To restart qmaild service:

# service qmaild restart

on Linux, or

# /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ restart

on FreeBSD

2) After update: it is recommended that you add to /hsphere/local/config/mail/clamav/freshclam.conf a declaration of your local DatabaseMirror, as suggested in the file.

3) After update: by default, ClamAV database is updated automatically once an hour. To make the update happen earlier, run the freshclam utility manually:

# freshclam

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