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Article ID: 8448, created on Apr 15, 2010, last review on Apr 16, 2012


Attention: this article is applicable for PBA 4.4.x for Linux version only.

PBA-E for Linux does impose limitation on amount of installed locales. Due to this reason upgrade to latest service packs in PBA-E 4.4 will not be allowed if more locales than allowed are installed in the system.

In current implementation PBA-E does not provide tool to correctly remove locale from the system and it is not enough just to remove corresponding RPM package which name starts with 'bm-locale-LOCALE_NAME'.

Locale can be correctly removed from PBA-E using the script '' attached to this article, it will be included into further updates to PBA-E.

  • Put the script into the folder ~bm/tools
  • Run it under Perl interpreter and pass name of locale to be removed as the argument, e.g. to remove Deutsch locale run the following command being logged in PBA-S via SSH as root:
# perl ~bm/tools/ de=Deutsch

Note: specified locale must exactly match to the locale definition in the file ~bm/etc/ssm.conf.d/locales-list


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