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  • Odin Business Automation Standard


Provider put a subscription on hold but corresponding hosting entity (it might be Plesk domain, Plesk client, Parallels Virtuozzo Containers container) is still active.

So, Provider has the following discrepancy between PBA-S and hosting server where customer's hosting is running:
  • subscription is PBA-S is on hold
  • customer's hosting service is still active and customer can still use it


The reason of problem is that PBA-S is not configured to put hosting service on hold in the event 'Subscription was placed on hold', only PBA-S subscription is being put on hold.


Provider need to log into PBA-S PCC (Provider Control Center) and configure actions for the event 'Subscription has been placed on hold':
  • Go to Top > Configuration Director > Event Manager >  Events
  • Click on the event 'Subscription has been placed on hold'
  • Switch to the tab 'Actions'
  • Configure the needed action for each desired type of service - Plesk domain, Plesk client, PVC container:
    • Navigate to the needed section, e.g. Plesk Domain Subscription
    • Click the button 'Add Action'
    • Choose 'Action on subscription' on the next screen
    • Enter desired action name into the field 'Name'
    • Check the box 'Enabled'
    • Choose the exact 'Put subscription on hold'
    • Click the button 'Update'
    • Repeat actions for all desired types of hosting service - add action 'Put subscription on hold'
As a result when a subscription is put on hold PBA-S not only will change status of the subscription, it will also put corresponding hosting entity on hold - suspend Plesk domain/client, stop PVC container and so on.

The similar actions you need to perform to automatically activate hosting service when subscription is being activated in PBA-S, the corresponding event is 'Subscription status has been changed from "on hold" to "active"'.

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