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A customer placed an order in the Online Store, paid it and PBA started to process the order. Order includes several provisioning items, some of them were provisioned automatically and some of them require manual provisioning, so order ended up with the status 'MO' ('Manual Operation Required').

The subscription was activated automatically during the order provisioning despite of the fact that some order items were not yet provisioned in full, the subscription has status 'Active', its service status is 'Running'.

Neither the customer nor the Provider noticed that the sales order stuck in the status 'MO'; the Provider did not perform any actions to complete the order provisioning.

After the subscription period passed PBA automatically generated renewal order for the customer's subscription despite of the fact that customer might not yet received all ordered services because corresponding provisioning item is still sitting in the status 'Manual Operation Required'.

The Provider wants to prohibit renewing subscription if the sales order (or upgrade order) is not yet provisioned completely.


The Provider has to configure order flow in PBA so that renewal orders are not generated automatically for the subscription if it has some particular type of order which is not yet completed.

E.g. in the case described above the Provider might want to prohibit to generate renewal order for subscriptions if they have sales order in status 'MO', do the following to achieve the goal:

  • Log into the PBA Provider Control Panel

  • Go to Top > Configuration Director > Order Processing > Order Types

  • Click on 'Sales Order'

  • Switch to the 'Statuses' tab

  • Click on the status 'MO' ('Manual Operation Required')

  • Click the button 'Edit'

  • Select the option 'All Order Types (per Subscription)' in the drop-down list 'Prohibit Order Placing'

  • Save changes

If you do the changes described above then PBA will not automatically generate renewal order for a subscription which has sales order in the status 'Manual Operation Required'. Moreover, you as Provider in such situation will not be able to generate renewal order manually for such subscription as well, so think thoroughly before changing order flow settings, they may affect your PBA system.

You may repeat these steps for all desired combinations of order types and statuses (e.g. you may prohibit renewing subscription if it has upgrade/downgrade order in some particular status).

The parameters described above are system-wide, so all subscriptions will be affected.

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