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Provider created Service Plan and configured subscription period to allow refunds like this:

Non Refundable Amount     $ 0.0000
Full Refund Period (days) 30
After Refund Period       Refund Prorated Recurring Fee

A customer subscribed to the Service Plan, paid by credit card and used their subscription for some short period of time, less than subscription period.

The customer decided to cancel their subscription, Provider placed cancellation order and chose to create refund for the customer.

As a result of cancellation order processing two AR documents were created - Credit Memo and Refund, they are listed on the 'Documents' tab in the cancellation order properties.

Why two AR documents were created for single cancellation order?


This is a normal situation that two AR documents were created as a result of cancellation order processing - Credit Memo and Refund:

  • Credit Memo means that Provider owes money to the customer (because Provider decided to refund customer's payment)

  • Refund performs actual money transfer from Provider to the customer.

Credit Memo is being created and released automatically, while Refund is being created and is not processed automatically, it is being created with status 'Hold'. So, Refund should be processed manually by Provider staff member.

The refund, which is created by the subscription cancellation order, is so called 'standalone', it is not assigned to any existing transaction. To perform actual refund of money one needs to specify 'Previous e-transaction' for such refund manually - just click the 'Edit' button and select one of the previous transaction numbers from the list. Save changes and click the 'Refund' button - refund should be processed.

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