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It is often needed to find full path to a specific screen in PBA-S Control Panel by so called 'Screen ID'.

Screen ID is the unique identifier assigned to every screen in PBA-S control panel which allow to find a specific screen by its ID.

Provider may use screen ID in tickets to support team to identify screen they face problem on instead of providing full path to the needed screen.

There are two sources of information about screen IDs in PBA-S.

To find the full path to some screen by its ID one need to log into PBA-S PCC, go to Top > Configuration Director > Logging and Errors > Screens Viewer, enter screen ID into the search field and click the button 'View'.

If correct screen ID is entered PBA-S will show full path to this screen in control panel tree. The information will look like this:
Screen ID
Screen description
Configuration Director (configuration_director)
   Security Manager (security_manager)
      All Users (security_all)

In the table above we may see that screen with is located at 'Top > Configuration Director > Security Manager > All Users'.

Information about screens is stored in Component Repository under the folder /var/opt/hspc-data/Core/CompRep on PBA-S server which has the following main files:
  • cc/_.xml - list of top-level directors - Account Director, Service Director, Billing Director and so on
  • cc/$DIRECTOR_NAME.xml - list of managers and screens in every director, e.g. cc/account_director.xml

More detailed information about Component Repository structure you may find in PBA-S SDK Guide in the chapter Components Repository.

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