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Customer placed order on domain transfer in the Online Store. Order was paid, PBA-E started to process it and sent transfer request to the registrar.

After few days order was marked as 'Provisioning Failed' while actually transfer process was not yet completed on registrar side.


PBA-E has default timeouts on all domain operations - registration, transfer, renewal, cancellation. These timeouts may be configured per used domain plug-in.

The timeout on domain transfer is the reason why PBA-E marked order with status 'Provisioning Failed' in a few days while actually domain transfer was still in progress on the registrar side.

In general, if PBA-E sent request to the registrar to register or transfer domain and this request was not completed within timeout configured in the used plug-in then corresponding order will be marked as 'Provisioning Failed'.


Domain transfer operations usually take much time, up to 7-10 days, so it is recommended to set timeout for domain transfer requests to quite large value.

In order to change timeout for domain operations perform the following actions:
  1. Log into PBA-E Provider Control Panel
  2. Go to Top > External Systems Director > Domain Manager > Registrars
  3. Click on the registrar whose timeouts you want to change
  4. Switch to the tab 'Technical settings'
  5. Edit parameters:
    • Registration timeout
    • Transfer timeout
    • Renewal timeout
    • Cancellation timeout
In most situations only 'Transfer timeout' need to be increased.

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