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It is required to add lots of information to one of the layout templates (e.g. termsofservice that includes EULA agreement). because the size is limited:

Provider want to extend content of Terms of Service agreement which is shown in the Online Store. They log into BA PCP, go to Home > Products > Online Store Layout Templates and try to add text to the existing layout template termsofservice.tpl.

After saving the changes, it can be seen that the code was truncated.


Too long text of the layout template cannot be saved in BA database because the size of the layout templates is limited:

pba=> \d "StoreLayout";
             Table "public.StoreLayout"
   Column    |           Type           | Modifiers
 LayoutID    | character varying(50)    | not null
 StoreID     | integer                  | not null
 Description | character varying(8192)  |
 Template    | character varying(64000) |

The following way may be used to solve the problem:

  • Split text of the 'Terms of Service' agreement into two parts:
    • leave one part of text in the original template 'termsofservice.tpl'
    • create new layout template 'termsofservice2.tpl' in PCP and put the second part of the agreement into the new template
  • Include the new layout template 'termsofservice2.tpl' into the original template 'termsofservice.tpl' - add the following entry into the original template:

    {include file='termsofservice2.tpl'}

As a result content of the template 'termsofservice2.tpl' will be included into the template 'termsofservice.tpl' in place of the directive '{include}'.

Another possible solution is to create static HTML page, put content of 'Terms of Service' agreement into this page and put link to the page in the layout template 'agreement.tpl' instead of the default link to the script 'terms.php'.

Additional information

Online Store is using Smarty template engine, please visit their site if you need more details about directives of this engine.

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