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A Provider delegated a Service Plan to a reseller. The reseller's customer placed an order on the delegated plan and paid for it.

However, order provisioning fails. In the corresponding subscription properties on the 'Service Status History' tab, the following error is shown:

Service Creation Failed: Reseller Available Balance is insufficient


As stated in the error message, the reseller's available balance is insufficient to process the customer order.

When Parallels Business Automation (PBA) tries to process the Sales Order for the delegated Service Plan, it compares the reseller's available balance with the price of the service as it would be sold from the Provider to the reseller. It does not matter what price the reseller sets in the delegated Service Plan for their own customers - PBA takes into account Provider's prices during reseller's order provisioning for delegated plans.

If the reseller's available balance is less than the total amount of the order for the delegated Service Plan as it would be sold from the Provider to the reseller, order processing is denied with the diagnostics shown above.

The available balance of all the resellers involved in the sale must be equal to or more than the cost of the service ordered by the end customer. This means that if the customer ordered the service from a third or forth-level reseller, the balance of all resellers in the hierarchy affects successful service provisioning.


To allow the reseller to process customer orders, the reseller has to create a new payment to the Provider, or the Provider needs to increase the Reseller's balance (e.g. using Credit Memo or increasing the credit limit). The amount of payment should be set to the value which will increase the reseller's balance to more than the cost of the service ordered by the end customer.

For the new charges to be created automatically balance top-up options are to be configured. The reseller needs to log in to their BA Control Panel, go to Billing Manager > My Reseller Status and configure the two options as shown below:

Available Balance TopUp Threshold    $ 200.00
Auto TopUp Amount                    $ 100.00

When a reseller's balance is below 'Available Balance TopUp Threshold', BA will automatically create a new payment for the 'Auto TopUp Amount' on behalf of the reseller. Balance top-up allows resellers to increase their balance automatically within defined ranges and provision customers' orders.

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