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This article describes limitations imposed on migrating websites from SiteStudio to Sitebuilder.


After migration from SiteStudio to Sitebuilder, a site looks different from how it did in SiteStudio.


There are some limitations related to the difference in SiteStudio and Sitebuilder architecture.

Limitations description

1.         All images are moved to Sitebuilder as external ones, meaning that the image files remain in the customer’s webspace and, when inserted in the Sitebuilder pages, are addressed by URLs like http://<customer_domain>/<image_path>. If the customer removes content of the webspace, images will disappear from the Sitebuilder site.
2.        To avoid missing images after migration, one should downloaded and resubmit the images using Sitebuilder interface. After resubmitting, the images will be stored in the Sitebuilder storage.
3.        Some parts of website template that can be customized in SiteStudio: some template images, a background image. In Sitebuilder, these elements are static and cannot be customized by customers.
4.        To help customers, a provider can make up a custom template based on Sitebuilder standard one using Custom Templates Developer's Guide (
5.        Menu items’ font and size are not customizable in Sitebuilder, they are parts of a template.

Additional information

Ensure that the latest version of migration script is installed. Refer to KB #8169 for more information.

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