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Provider is trying to create staff member in POA CP using the following parameters:

Login: support
Password: auto-generated password
First Name: Support
Last Name: Test
Address line 1: Somestreet 1
City: New York
State/Province: New York
Zip: 10000
Phone: 1 700 1234567

Note - there is no way to select country during staff member creating process.

When Provider clicks the button "Submit" the error from PBA-E 'There is no Country ID #' appears in POA log:

Feb  6 02:04:01 poacore SoLoader: [31900:b5298b90] INFO: BMBridge: [txn:60908 BM::<unnamed>::logCallToBM] Attempting to invoke BM with parameters: { 'AutoCommit' => 'No', 'Method' => 'UserWithIDAdd_API', 'Params' => [ 1, 'support', 'bebla*3mrefd.cicapo', 'bebla*3mrefd.cicapo', 'Support', 'Test', '', 'Somestreet 2', '', 'New York', 'New York', '10000', '', '1', '700', '1234567', '', '', '', '', '', 148, ], 'Server' => 'BM', }
Feb  6 02:04:01 poacore SoLoader: [31900:b5298b90] INFO: BMBridge: [txn:60908 BM::<unnamed>::logBMResponse] BM call Execute (BM::UserWithIDAdd_API) returned with status: XML-RPC exception (-1, 'There is no Country ID #. checkZipCode with CountryID =  ZipCode = 10000 UserWithIDAdd_API== Users Add With ID for Account #1')
Feb  6 02:04:01 poacore SoLoader: [31900:b5298b90] ERROR: lib: [txn:60908 void<unnamed>::loader_unexpected_handler] {module_id="Common"; code="1"} Internal error: Unknown unexpected exception raised.


The reason of error message is that POA sends empty country code to PBA.-E for staff member being created.


The parameter 'Default Address Layout' configured in the used brand does not contain the field 'Country', that is why it is impossible to select country during staff member creating and therefore POA sends empty country code to PBA-E.

  • log into POA control panel
  • go to 'Top > Marketing Director > Branding Manager > Brands'
  • select used brand and click 'Edit'
  • add the field 'Country' to the parameter 'Default Address Layout' and click 'Submit'
  • add staff member in POA CP again

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