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Article ID: 8078, created on Feb 15, 2010, last review on Aug 12, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Confixx Professional 3


A temporary solution to allow running Parallels Confixx on PHP 5.3.


  Each configured domain is displayed several times consecutively in a customer account (user UI / Einstellungen / Domains page, Domainverwaltung table).


Parallels Confixx versions 3.3.6 and lower do not support PHP 5.3.


  1. Download confixx_user_domains_list_php5.3.patch to some directory on the Parallels Confixx host (for example, /root/).
  2. Go to the Parallels Confixx installation directory (normally, it is /root/confixx) and execute the following command:
 patch -p0 < /root/confixx_user_domains_list_php5.3.patch
  3. Go to the Parallels Confixx www directory (normally, it is /var/www/confixx or /home/www/confixx) and execute: 
patch -p1 < /root/confixx_user_domains_list_php5.3.patch
  4. To fix the Settings > IP Addresses screen (in particular, absence of the “Use this ip”, “Free this ip” buttons), perform the previous three steps with confixx_ip_addresses_php5.3.patch.
  5. To fix the [User UI] > E-mail > E-mail addresses  (E-Mail > E-Mail Adressen) screen (in particular, absence of icons in the “S” (Status) column, perform steps 1-3 with confixx_email_addresses_list_php5.3.patch.
  6. To fix statistics screens ([Admin UI] > Stats > Reseller stats, [Admin UI] > Stats > User stats, [Reseller UI] > Stats > Users stats) perform steps 1-3 with confixx_statistics_php5.3.patch

Additional information

This KB article is applicable only for installations with PHP 5.3 and has not been tested with PHP versions 5.2 and lower.


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