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  • Odin Business Automation Standard


Provider configured Online Store in PBA-S control panel to sort hosting plans by their types, they did it at Top > Commerce Director > Store Manager > Configure Store > Plan Listing.

E.g. Provider configured sorting for hosting plan types this way:
  • Domain Registration
  • Plesk Domain
  • Plesk Client
  • Virtuozzo Container
  • Virtuozzo Dedicated Node
  • Plesk Dedicated Node
  • Plesk Virtual Node
  • Dedicated Server
  • Miscellaneous
  • One-time Fee Item

However, when they go to the Online Store they see hosting plans sorted in another way on the first page, not in the way Provider configured in Online Store Manager in PBA-S control panel. Moreover, listed above hosting plan types may even be not shown in the Online Store at all.


The possible reason of problem is that Online Store is configured to show hosting plan by categories, not by plan types.

In this case hosting plans will be sorted in accordance with categories which may be completely different compared to the existing hosting plan types.

Hosting plan types are entities which are defined by PBA-S developers (they define type of hosting services provided by a particular plan type) while hosting plan categories may be created by Provider to combine hosting plans based on some conditions. E.g. Provider may want to have hosting plan category "Shared Hosting" which will include hosting plans of types 'Plesk Domain' and 'Plesk Client'. Hosting plans of type 'Virtuozzo Containers' may be put into the category "Virtual Private Servers".


To switch hosting plan sorting mode Provider has to change the parameter PLAN_CATEGORIES in the Online Store configuration file /var/opt/hspc-frontend/includes/settings.ini.

In order to sort hosting plans by their types the parameter PLAN_CATEGORIES has to be set to either to 'Off' (only plan types will be shown) or to 'Both' (plan types and plan categories as second list level will be shown).

Please refer to the article for more information about the parameter PLAN_CATEGORIES.

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