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  • Odin Business Automation Standard


Provider want to send notifications to customers when their subscriptions change status to 'Graced'.


The event 'Subscription period has ended' may be used to notify customers that subscription period of their subscription has ended and subscription became graced.

To configure the event go to 'Top > Configuration Director > Event Manager > Events' and find the event 'Subscription period has ended'. Click on the event and check the box 'Enabled' on the next screen. Switch to the tab 'Actions' and add desired actions depending on subscription hosting type.

E.g. you may configure action 'Subscription notification for customer' for all subscription types and customers will receive email message that their subscription became graced:
- click the button 'Add action' in the section 'Subscription' on the tab 'Actions' in the event properties
- choose the option 'Send message' and click 'Next'
- on the next screen either select some existing template for email notification or choose option 'New message template' to create email message from scratch, click 'Next'
- on the next screen you may customize email template to be sent to customers (and also you may add Provider's email to CC/BBC fields to get copies of customers' notifications).

Depending on type of subscription you may configure additional actions, e.g. you may put Plesk domain or client on hold when subscription period has ended.

Event manager also allows to perform desired actions on subscription or account or execute custom script, all available options you will find in PBA-S control panel.

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