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To install Comodo "intermediate CA," the Comodo ca-bundle certificate which was attached to your email in a ZIP file along with certificate itself should be manually uploaded to the VE, e.g., to here:


If you do not have the ca-bundle certificate, you may download it from the Comodo site using this link:

You can also find that link on the website:
1. Click menu Support > Product Support.
2. Choose "SSL Certificates."
3. Click on the "Installing a Certificate" link
on the left menu.
4. In the middle of that page, you will see " Bundled cert file," which is the link shown above.

The rest of the required actions can be performed through the HSPcomplete Control Panel:

i) Install the certificate through the Secure Website tab under Control Panel Home > Site > Website Management > WEB_SITE_NAME > Website Settings.

ii) Check that the SSL files were installed successfully, and click on the Enable SSL button on the Secure Website tab.

iii) On the Custom settings tab on the Control Panel Home > Site > Website Management > Website Settings screen, click on the Edit button and add the following line (assuming that the ca-bundle certificate was saved as


inside the VE):

SSLCACertificateFile /etc/httpd/conf/ssl.crt/comodo-bundle.crt

After that, click on the Update button.

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