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Customer wants to install certificate and enable SSL for their website.

They log to POA control panel, go to Hosting > Configuration & Administration > Domain Overview > Domain Administration > choose domain > tab 'Web' > sub-tab 'SSL' and click the button "Install Certificate and Enable SSL".

On the next step customer chooses either 'File' or 'Clipboard' method and on the next step tries to install SSL certificate.

Control panel does not allow to install SSL certificate and throws error message 'Certificate can not be loaded'.


Check format of SSL certificate a customer is trying to install. POA supports installing SSL certificates in PEM format, other formats such as e.g. PKCS7 are not supported.


Convert certificate to PEM format using e.g. the Linux utility 'openssl'.

For example, to convert SSL certificate from PKCS7 format to PEM you may use the command like this:

openssl pkcs7  -in ssl_cert_in_pkcs7_format.txt  -print_certs  -out ssl_cert_in_pem_format.pem

where ssl_cert_in_pkcs7_format.txt is name of file where you saved original certificate in PKCS7 format.

The command above will save converted certificate in the file ssl_cert_in_pem_format.pem which a customer may use to install certificate in POA control panel.

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