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Task Create Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder site fails with error message 'SOAP Error: ERROR_BAD_LOGIN, [Bad login or password.]' like in the example below:

Task ID:                343922
 Queue name:             sb_user153
 Task name:              Create Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder site ''
 Task description:       Create Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder site ''
 Queue status:           Failed
 Start not earlier than: Aug-19-2009 15:43
 Last execution output:  Operation createSite has failed in SOAP call, saying 'SOAP Error: ERROR_BAD_LOGIN, [Bad login or password.], detail: .'


The most probable reason of problem is that user changed their password directly in Sitebuilder control panel, not via OA CP, so OA does not know new password of the user and cannot login to Sitebuilder under this user to create site for them.


In order to solve the problem password of user in Sitebuilder has to be updated to the value from OA database.

  1. Find login and password of the user from OA database, take ID of the user from 'Queue Name' in failed task properties (sb_user153), in this case it is user #153:

    plesk=> select login, password from sb_users where id=153;
    login        | sf551dqtv2v6yw3
    password     | pyc7l1rsljbct3d
  2. In Sitebuilder database 'sitebuilder3' set the field 'user_settings.is_change_password_allowed' to 1 for the user (by default it is set to 0 to prohibit password changes from Parallels Sitebuilder control panel), run the command like this on Sitebuilder server (in this example it is Sitebuilder for Linux):

    # mysql sitebuilder3 -e "update user_settings set is_change_password_allowed=1 where id=(select user_settings_id from user where user_name='sf551dqtv2v6yw3');"
  3. Change password of the user in Sitebuilder to the password from OA database found on the step 1 above:

    3.a. either ask the customer to log into Sitebuilder control panel and change password at 'My profile > Change password'

    3.b. or use the following procedure to change password of user without asking them to do that:

        3.b.1. Login to Sitebuilder panel as 'admin'

        3.b.2. Find the needed user in the list of users

        3.b.3. Change the e-mail account of the user to the e-mail you have access to

        3.b.4. Logout

        3.b.5. Open Sitebuilder login page

        3.b.6. Insert needed username

        3.b.7. Click the link "Forgot your password?"

        3.b.8. Insert the username and e-mail

        3.b.9. Check the mailbox you used - you shall receive letter with current password of the user

        3.b.10. Login to Sitebuilder as admin and change the e-mail to the old one

        3.b.11. Login to Sitebuilder as the user and change their password at 'My profile > Change password'

4 . Change the field 'user_settings.is_change_password_allowed' back to 0 in Sitebuilder database for the user:

# mysql sitebuilder3 -e "update user_settings set is_change_password_allowed=0 where id=(select user_settings_id from user where user_name='sf551dqtv2v6yw3');"

5 . Re-run failed task in OA.

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