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A —Āustomer (or vendor on behalf of a customer) placed order to change Service Plan from e.g. #159 to #248.

Order processing fails with error message "You can not switch from Plan #159 to Plan #248".

The error message above may be seen in Event Manager in PBA-E control panel at Top > Configuration Director > Event Manager > Critical Failures > task "OnServicePlanChange".

Full error message is below:
Execution Failed: You can not switch from Plan #159 to Plan #248.

bOItemChangePlanPeriod :: designOrdDets for AccountID #1000117, Subscription #1000256, OrigPlanID #159, OrigPeriod=1, OrigPeriodType=2, NewPlan #248, NewPeriod #1, NewPeriodType #2, StartFromType #10, PromoCode
bResellerBalances :: prepareCostLod OIID#3479
bResellerBalances :: registerSaleForOItem OIID#3479 TransStatus=1
RESELLERGATE :: ResellerOrderCompleted OIID#3479


The reason of problem is that upgrade/downgrade to the destination Service Plan #248 is not allowed in the source Service Plan #159.


To solve the problem go to the properties of the source Service Plan #159 in PBA-E control panel, switch to the tab "Allowed Upgrades/Downgrades" and add destination Service Plan #248 to the list of allowed plans.

If the problem affects a customer of a reseller and this reseller has source and destination plans delegated from the Provider then it is Provider who has to allow upgrade/downgrade from source Service Plan to the destination one in own control panel.

Such problem may occur if originally destination Service Plan was allowed for upgrade/downgrade in source Service Plan properties, order on Service Plan change was placed and source Service Plan was modified before order was processed (destination Service Plan was deleted from the list of allowed upgrade/downgrade plans), as a result at the time when PBA-E tried to process order source Service Plan did not have destination plan in the list of allowed upgrades/downgrades.

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