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Article ID: 6745, created on Oct 5, 2009, last review on Jul 14, 2018

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  • Odin Business Automation Standard


When trying to add Parallels Virtuozzo Containers (PVC) hardware node in Parallels Business Automation Standard (PBAS) interface, the following error is shown:

"An error occurred while copying the keys of the Hardware Node".


There can be several reasons for the error "An error occurred while copying the keys of the Hardware Node".

Step 1 - Checking connection between PBAS and PVC Service Container

First of all please check whether you can connect to Service Container via SSH from inside Parallels Business Automation Standard Container under 'apache' user:

Run this command inside PBAS container:# su - apache
# ssh -v vzagent0@<Service_CT_IP>

where <Service_CT_IP> is a Service Container's IP address of the PVC hardware node you tried to add to PBAS.

If you are able to access Service Container please proceed to step 2), if not, please check your firewall settings (whether port 22 is open on Service Container). You can check status of port 22 using this command:# nmap -p 22 <Service_CT_IP>Please note if Service Container on the Windows PVC node has internal IP address, and NAT is not enabled, then PBAS will not be able to connect to it. It is recommended to use external IP address for Service Container.

If you get the message "connection refused", please make sure you have compatibility mode for PVC node enabled: # /usr/sbin/vzagent_compat_ctl status
You can enable this mode with this command:# /usr/sbin/vzagent_compat_ctl start

Step 2 - Checking Credentials

Make sure you use IP address of the Service Container and the password of the 'vzagent0' when registering a PVC node in PBAS. If you do not remember 'vzagent0' password you can set a new one by running this command on the affected PVC node:# vzctl exec 1 net user vzagent0 <new_password>
where <new_password> is new set by you password for vzagent0

If IP address of Service Container and its 'vzagent0' password are correct, please proceed to step 3).

Step 3 - Recreating PVC Service Container

Try to recreate Service Container using this article:

for Linux
for Windows

Please keep in mind you have to use "-c" flag to create new Service Container in Compatibility mode:# vzsveinstall -s <IP_address> -c -w -f

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