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Article ID: 6538, created on Jul 23, 2009, last review on May 11, 2014

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Opening Windows File Manager in POA Customer Control Panel fails with error message 'The referred root directory does not exist'.

Mostly, it happened during upgrade of POA to 2.9, however it may happen in more recent versions as well.


There are missing permissions for AD group fmAccounts and/or domain user pem_admin on POA-managed shared folder (usually named PEM_7df7aaae-cae2-45c0-b90b-f00dd8e6e1d2) on a Windows shared hosting server where webspaces accessible through Windows File Manager are located.


  • Make sure that the folder CustomerData on the Windows server where customer's webspace is located is shared. If it is not shared share it under the proper name. The name of network share may be taken from properties of the POA package pleskd installed on the server like on the screenshot, the parameter Network Share name with POA data 
  • Make sure that AD group fmAccounts and domain user pem_admin have 'Full Control' permission on the shared folder (not NTFS permissions).

If the problem happened right after POA upgrade to 2.9 perform the following actions:

1. On POA Management Node identify where updater is located (usually it is shipped with each release/hotfix/build), and start interactive shell with loaded updater modules. For example on POA for Windows MN the command could be (one need adjust paths, user name and password):

c:\Python25\python.exe -i m:\updater\ --database:user=plesk --database:password=123qwe -l c:\winfm_fix.log

Option -l is optional.

2. Save attached file somewhere on MN. (For example at m:\

3. In started interactive Python shell execute the following command (adjust the path accordingly; POA must be running):


4. The script will subsequently, host by host, set lost permission for group fmAccounts. All hosts having IIS webspaces or Streaming Media mediaspaces accessible through Windows File Manager will be fixed.

- No downtime will be caused.
- If error will occur with one host, the error will be printed out and executing will be continued with next host. One need to check the error, resolve it, and restart the script (all hosts will be dumped again).

Example of successful execution:
>>> execfile('m:\')NOTICE: Settings shared folder permissions for fmAccounts group on host 3 ( Settings shared folder permissions for fmAccounts group on host 2 (


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