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Article ID: 6385, created on May 28, 2009, last review on May 8, 2014

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  • H-Sphere


When you add Instant Alias in Reseller Control Panel (Reseller Control Panel -> E.Manager -> DNS Manager -> reseller -> press Edit button -> Add instant alias). Insert desired Prefix, chose Shared IP tag and press Submit. You got results with “Internal Error, Tech Support Was Notified” and in the /var/log/hsphere/hsphere.log error “LServer not found” is present.


When Logical server from Control Panel is deleted not properly, in the system database may appear incorrect records related to it (affected tables are as follows: l_server_ips and l_server). While trying to add instant alias for reseller, H-Sphere looks into the table “l_server_ips” for Logical Server IP and then searches for it correspondence in the table “l_server”. Usually in this case Logical server is present in the “l_server_ips” and is missed in the “l_server”. This causes inability to create dns records for all Logical Servers that go after nonexistent one and results in the error.


To check what exactly IPs are causing the error: 

1) Login as cpanel user: 

su -l cpanel 

2) Enter H-Sphere system database: 

psql hsphere 

3) Perform following query: 

SELECT l_server_id FROM l_server_ips WHERE l_server_id NOT IN (SELECT id FROM l_server); 

4) Exit system database and make a backup of table l_server_ips: 

pg_dump -f l_server_ips.sql -t l_server_ips --inserts hsphere 

5) To delete nonexistent IPs from table “l_server_ips” use following query: 

DELETE FROM l_server_ips WHERE l_server_id in (l_server_id from the query at step 3);

6) Enter reseller Control Panel web interface and readd reseller instant alias.

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