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Provider created new composite resource in PBA, lets say #10001 Mailbox with 1GB diskspace.

Provider wants to add the regiular resource Diskspace to the created composite resource #10001 Mailbox with 1GB diskspace. They go to PBA Home> Products> Resources, select resource #10001 Mailbox with 1GB diskspace, Included Resources tab, click the Add New Included Resource button and they do not see the Diskspace resource in the list of available resources to add.


Regular resource Diskspace has the setting:

Measurable - Yes

A composite resource can not be measurable as well as all the resources included into it, please refer to our documentation for details - Adding Composite Resource. Composite resources usage is possible only within allowed pre-paid limits and never can be billed by actual consumption.

So, if the resource Diskspace is measurable it can not be added to any composite resource.


In order to be able to add resource in a composite resource you need to make it non-measurable. Please note that in case resource is non-measurable, overuse charges are never applied, even if statistics is collected by PBA from external system, such as POA.

To make resource non-measurable go to PBA Home> Products> Resources, select the measurable resource you need, click Edit, uncheck the option Measurable, click Save.

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