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Usually, this issue means that there are communication problems between HSPcomplete and VZagent inside Service VE on hardware node. You may check status of VZagent using this command on HW node:# vzagent_ctl status
If you see that some of the VZagent operators are stopped you may restart VZagent itself:# vzagent_ctl restart
Also you may check if Service VE itself is running:# vzctl status 1and start or restart it using this command:# vzctl start 1(or just# vzctl restart 1 in Virtuozzo 2.6 or higher);

After that you may restart Virtuozzo collector inside HSPcomplete server to force it to re-read information about node(s):# service vzcoll stop; service vzcoll startor just# service vzcoll restart
Also you may check firewall rules in your network whether  HSPcomplete can connect by SSH to the Service VE IP address.

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