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Article ID: 6079, created on Feb 25, 2009, last review on Apr 17, 2012

  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 4.4


There is a bug in SMTP which is a part of IIS 6.0: in some cases SMTP sends a notification to a customer but returns an error code to PBA. PBA processes this situation as if a problem occured while sending a notification and tries to resend it. At that SMTP again sends out the same notification and returns an error and so on. As a result a customer receives multiple identical notifications.

Note: The issue was detected on IIS 6.0. Other versions of IIS were not tested.


Possible workarounds:

1. Using another mail server (for example, Microsoft Exchange Server)

2. Modification of  notification settings on PBA side by setting the maximum number of attemplts to send an email equal to 1 (beginning with 4.4.1 version of PBA).

It can be done the following way:
- Go to Communication Director > Notification manager > Notification Settings and  set  'Max tries to resend message' parameter to 1.
Or you may execute the command below in the database:

update CBNotifSettings set MaxResendTry=1;

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