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After any operation with existing public folder in POA Customer Control Panel it stays in the Updating/Deleting state for a long time, the folder cannot be found in OWA and Outlook. And the last task for public folder fails with errors like this:
Exception during execution of MPF request: 'There is no such object on the server. [<response><errorContext description="/There is no such object on the server. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80072030)/AddUserToGroup" code="0x80072030" executeSeqNo="7"><errorSource namespace="Error Provider" procedure="SetError"/><errorSource namespace="Managed Active Directory" procedure="RethrowError_"/><errorSource namespace="SW Managed Active Directory" procedure="GroupAdd"/></errorContext></response>]'.
Exception during execution of MPF request: 'Unknown error 0x80131600 [<response><errorContext description="MapiExceptionNotFound: Unable to query table rows. (hr=0x8004010f, ec=-2147221233) ... " code="0x80131600" executeSeqNo="3"><errorSource namespace="Exchange 2007 Provider" procedure="ModifyFolder"/><errorSource namespace="SW Managed Exchange" procedure="ModifyFolder"/></errorContext></response>]'.
No existing 'PublicFolder' matches the following Identity: '\P000000031\RootFolder\Child1\Child2'. Make sure that you specified the correct 'PublicFolder' Identity and that you have the necessary permissions to view 'PublicFolder'.
or similar.

The same problem can happen with creation/removal of nested public folder.


It happens because users can have the Owner permission for any public folders. This permission allows users to delete public folder using OWA or Outlook.

User can obtain this permission in the following ways:

  • Permission was assiged from POA Customer CP
  • User created public folder in OWA and then the folder was imported into POA

If user removed public folder folder from OWA or Outlook, POA cannot handle this folder and its sub-folders correctly.


Make sure that problem Public Folders are really absent on Exchange servers using Exchange native management tools (Exchange Management Console or Exchange Management Shell), and also make sure that there is no pending/failed/unprocessed tasks to create the Public Folders in question in POA Task Manager (filter tasks by Public Folders names). Process all found tasks if any.

If the problem Public Folders are really absent in Exchange then re-create them in Exchange Management Shell/Console or in OWA/Outlook. Then re-run failed tasks in POA.

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