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POA tasks 'Report raw traffic usage by dedicated VPSs' always fail with /CORBA/TIMEOUT exception for Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Windows servers.

For example:
Task ID: 467516
Task name: Report raw traffic usage by dedicated VPSs of VZserver1
Task description: Task gathers and reports raw traffic usage of dedicated
Output: Request has been timed out, details: system exception,' TAO exception, minor code = 3e (timeout during send; low 7 bits of errno: 62 Timer expired), completed = NO


The problem is caused by too low memory limit set for MSSQL server working in Service Container on Virtuozzo server. As a result, it can not process queries from VZAgent properly.


To solve this problem, go to the Virtuozzo server reported in task properties (VZserver1 in this case), and proceed with the following steps:

1. Open command line tool: Start > Run > cmd

2. Enter the Service VPS: vzctl enter 1

3. Launch osql.exe tool:
"%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SQL Server\80\Tools\Binn\osql.exe" -E

4. Change MSDE memory limit as follows:
sp_configure 'max server memory (MB)',512

This action will increase the memory limit for MSSQL server, and it will allow MSSQL server to fetch traffic statistics from the database.

You may also install MSSQL Management Studio into the Service VPS (it also requires MSXML and .NET). Log into the Service VPS by RDP and increase memory limit using GUI:

- run MSSQL Management Studio
- right-click on MSSQL server on the very top of left pane
- choose 'Properties'
- click on section 'Memory' in left pane of the opened window
- increase the parameter 'Maximum server memory (in MB)' to 512
- click 'OK'


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