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Article ID: 6037, created on Feb 16, 2009, last review on Apr 25, 2014


Parallels Plesk Billing was designed to set the package to active depending on several factors:

1. Client should be active
2. If this is hosting product that uses our supported panel modules ( and  both module and product are configured correctly, and event is created and completed successfully (account is created on the supported panel), this turns package  to active. You need product attributes configured in the admin interface if you are using our supported modules and would like event to be created only.

If you are not using our supported modules and do not need provisioning to occur automatically, packages can only be automatically made active if:

- Fraudguardian is on (this is the only case when the client is set to active automatically otherwise you need to do it manually)
- The fraud level action is 0 or 1
- You have $CONF["activateNonProvisioningPackages"] = 1; in your main config file.

If you are not doing any provisioning then you can trick the system into thinking that fraud guardian is on by just not passing the disableFraudguardian element as 1. If you pass fraudLevelAction as 0, the system will (if you are doing a cc charge) just charge the person.  If you pass fraudLevelAction as 1 it will only do a charge authorization and you will need to capture those funds later.

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