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Article ID: 6032, created on Feb 16, 2009, last review on May 9, 2014


In users control panel Web Quota is showing much more than the physical size of his home.


First of all make sure you did not confuse Disk Quota and Summary Disk Usage:

Disk Quota: all files with the owner's ID including those outside user's home directory are counted toward used disk space. That's why quota usage may be different from the size of the user home directory. Usually if the backups are made they contains files with user as owner.
Here are the instructions on how to find all files owned by user 'unixtest' (valid for Linux and FreeBSD):

find / -user unixtest -ls > files_for_unixtest.txt
This can take a while. When finished you may count approximate size of all files in collected  file:

cat files_for_unixtest.txt | awk '{s = s + $7} END {print s/1048576 " MB"}'
And review this file to find some that are not in /hsphere/local/home directory. Pay attention to any /backup folders or /var/spool/mail

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