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  • Confixx Professional 3


By default files starting with '.' character (like .htaccess) are not shown (just as Midnight Commander or ‘ls’ command will not show these files either without explicitly specified option to show such files). This is done for safety purposes.

To make these files visible in WebFTP, please, follow these steps:

1. Make sure that your ftp-server shows dot-files in the 'ls' command. ( vsftpd supports 'force_dot_files' feature since 1.1.3 version. If activated, dot-files will be shown in the directory listings even if "a" flag was not used by the client. )

2. Enter the Parallels Confixx html directory (typically it is /home/www/confixx/html on SuSE and /var/www/confixx/html on Debian). The path is stored in $confixx_htmlDir in your confixx_main.conf. You may use the sample command below to get the value of this parameter and to get there:

# cat /root/confixx/confixx_main.conf | grep confixx_htmlDir
$confixx_htmlDir = '/var/www/confixx/html';

# cd /var/www/confixx/html

3. Open the ftplogin/ftp_config.php file

4. Find the following lines in the beginning of the file:

/* FTP-Data: */
$ftp_host = "";
$ftp_user = $PHP_AUTH_USER;
$ftp_pass = $PHP_AUTH_PW;

5. Add the following line directly after them:

$show_dotfiles = '1';


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