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You default browser is set to Firefox (either for Windows or in Mac). When you click any link in Outlook, Bat!, Firefox (or other mail client) you get the following error message in Windows:

Windows XP:

"General failure. The URL was: “”. The system cannot find the file specified.”

Windows Vista:

“Windows cannot find ‘’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.”


There are several solutions you can try:

(for Windows XP only) Turn off DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) for the offending extensions. To do this:

   1. Go to Control Panel->Folder Options->File Types.
   2. Click on: Extension: NONE, filetype: Firefox URL
   3. Click Advanced
   4. Choose 'open' and click Edit
   5. Uncheck the “Use DDE”, click OK twice.
   6. Repeat 2-5 for the extensions (NONE)“URL: Hypertext Transfer Protocol” and (NONE)“URL: Hypertext Transfer Protocol with Privacy”

(for both Windows XP and Vista) Reinstall Firefox:

   1. Close all programs
   2. Uninstall Firefox through Control Panel ->Add/Remove programs
   3. Delete Mozilla Firefox Folder from Computer -> C: drive -> Program Files
   4. Perform Disk Cleanup
   5. Restart Computer
   6. Download and Install new Mozilla Firefox from

(for both Windows XP and Vista) Make Internet Explorer your default browser temporarily and, then make Firefox default one back:

   1. Open Control Panel and double-click Internet Options.
   2. Click the Programs tab.
   3. Click to select the Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser check box.
   4. Click OK.
   5. Start Internet Explorer and when you are prompted to make it the default browser, click Yes.
   6. Start Firefox. You will be prompted to set Firefox as default browser. Click Yes.

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