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The synchronization between a plan and a subscription can be used to apply the changes in prices and notification schedule to existing subscriptions. It can be done from a plan with a help of 'Subscription sync options' section. After synchronization, price changes come into effect from the next billing date. Other settings are applied immediately.

Available options:

-'Update Subscription Prices': will synchronize the prices specified in subscription periods and 'Billing Information' section of a plan with exception of Customer Class
-'Update Subscriptions with freezed prices'-the prices specified in subscription periods will be set to subscriptions even if Freeze Prices=Yes for them
-'Update Notification Schedule' allows to apply notification schedule, specified in a plan to subscriptions.
-'Update Subscription Service Terms' (beginning with 4.4)can be used for service term synchronisation


1. If you decrease the included amount of a resource in a template or plan and perform synchronisation afterwards, the new limits will be set in subscriptions, but if a customer have already used this amount, then they won't be physically deleted from subscription.
Ex, a customer was sold a subscription with 10 mailboxes included. A customer has used 8 mailboxes. Then the included amount was decreased to 5 and synchronized with customer's subscription. After that the customer will not be able to create the 9th mailbox, but 3 overused mailboxes (5-8=-3) won't be deleted.

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