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If a customer places a Sales Order (or any other type of order/document is created) it is given a number unique to that Provider or reseller only. This may cause confusion if reseller has a document with the same number as Provider's document, or the document of another reseller.

How do I configure unique document numbering for Provider and reseller(s)?


You may configure a prefix for documents so that Provider's sales orders will be numbered e.g. as PROVxxxxxx and reseller's orders will be numbered as RESxxxxxx or something similar.

In order to do that you need to modify so called enumerator classes for needed document types, they can be customized for Provider and for each particular reseller.
PBA 5.4:  Home > Configuration Director > Document Numbering > Enumerator Classes
PBA 5.5: Home > System > Settings > More Finance Settings > Enumerator Classes

modify existing classes - put desired prefix in the field 'Last Doc Number'. For example, sales orders can have "PROV00000" as the starting point. In this case the first sales order will get "PROV00001" number, the second "PROV00002" and so on.

Please refer to PBA Provider's Guide for more details, the chapter 'Configuring Document Numbering'.

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