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There are account attributes, for the accounts with the specific value(s) the different kind of the notification is required. How to setup a notification condition?


  1. Create a new notification template, NEW TEMPLATE, in the PBA Provider Control Panel:

    PBA 5.4: Communication Director > Notification Manager > Notification Templates

    PBA 5.5: System > Settings > Notifications > Notification Templates

    The notification type depends on the aim you are trying to achieve (if this is invoice/payment information to be sent - than ARDoc Notification, if this is some account-specific information - Account Notification, etc), notification shall be active, visible to resellers if applicable.

  2. Add a condition to the notification tempalte created, use the placeholder @@Cust_<attribute_ID>@, replace the <attribute_ID> with the exact ID from Home > System > Settings > Attributes > ID.

    An example of the condition is:


    replace <attribute_ID> with id, <value> with a required value. The notification will be sent only to the customers with attribute with id <attribute_ID> equal to <value>

  3. Create a new event handler and assign a new template to it:

    PBA 5.4: Configuration Director > Event Manager Settings > Event Handlers

    PBA 5.5: System > Settings > Events > Event Handlers tab

    Add a new event handler.

    Event Type - choose from a list

    Object - MESSAGE

    Method - depends on what are trying to achieve (examples - OrderNotification for order notifications, ARDocNotification - for the payments), keep in mind correspondence with the notification template type.

    Signature - the first variable depends on the method type (ARDocNotification - integer ARDocID, OrderNotification - integer OrderID, etc)

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