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Article ID: 5807, created on Nov 28, 2008, last review on May 10, 2014


If you just upgraded to Parallels Desktop version 4, and now virtual machine (VM) pauses itself after a few minutes it means, that you have "System Standby" power-saving regime enabled.

Since Parallels Desktop version 4 the VM's hardware is fully ACPI-compatible. If after some period of inactivity Windows decides to go to sleep mode - the VM will be paused. Thus, the behavior is controlled by your Windows' power scheme. The idea behind this is battery power saving. The VM will pause itself after a short period of inactivity for battery power saving.

You can control this period in Start->Settings->Control Panel->Power Options. If you do not want windows to pause anymore, just set "System Standby" to "Never"

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