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Article ID: 5774, created on Nov 21, 2008, last review on Apr 17, 2012


To solve the problem with A5 BSOD, please

1. Download the file attached to this article

2. Etract prl_fixme to the Desktop

3.  Open your Terminal application from Finder/Applications/Utilities/Terminal

4. Navigate to the prl_fixme location with the following command typed in the Terminal window:

cd /Users/your_user_name/Desktop/prl_fixme

NOTE: you need to replace your_user_name with a real name of your account in Mac

5. Execute the following commands (copy and paste them one-by-one pressing "Return" after each command):

chmod a+x ./prl_fixme

./prl_fixme --fixA5 "path to the *.hdd location"

NOTE: you need to replace "path to the *.hdd location" with a real path like /Users/your_user_name/Documents/Parallels/Windows XP.pvm/winxp.hdd

6. The utility will process your HDD Image. prl_fixme finished: 0x8000000 - means success, otherwise - it will give you an error code.

7. Start your VM - upgrade should complete automatically now

More detailed information is given in the Readme file in .zip archive attached.


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