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Article ID: 5711, created on Nov 7, 2008, last review on May 10, 2014


To mount hard drive of Leopard Guest OS to Mac OS X

Make a backup copy of the virtual machine's bundle (.pvm package) before performing actions below!

First, you should remove all snapshots. To do it:

1. Start Parallels Desktop, open required virtual machine. Make sure it is stopped (not started or suspended)
2. From the Virtual Machine menu, select Snapshot Manager
3. As you have to delete all snapshots, right-click any snapshot and select Delete Snapshot with children option
4. Click Yes to confirm, then click Close to exit Snapshot Manager

Use Parallels Image Tool to convert the virtual hard drive to the plain format:

5. In Finder, go to Applications > Parallels > click Parallels Image Tool
6. Click Continue and specify path to virtual hard disk image file and click Continue
7. Select "Manage Disk Properties option" and click Continue
8. Select Convert to the plain format check box and click Start. Wait for operation to complete, as it requires sufficient time.
9. Right-click converted virtual hard drive > select "Show package contents" option.
10. Rename .hds package which is stored there to Leopard.dmg

Note: If you have several .hds packages inside the .hdd file, you need to merge them:

- start Parallels Image Tool,
- select "Manage Disk Properties" option,
- specify path to .hdd file and select "Merge virtual hard disk parts". This will take some time to complete.

11. Double-click the renamed .dmg file. The file will be mounted and can be viewed in Finder

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