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What Is Smart Select And How To Change File Associations  In Both Host And Guest OSes?
You can associate some types of files stored in Mac OS X with certain Windows applications installed in your virtual machine. When you try to open a file of a particular type in Mac OS X, it will automatically open in the Windows application this type of files is associated with.

Note: To use SmartSelect, you should install Parallels Tools in the virtual machine.

SmartSelect is available for the following guest OSs:
- Windows 2000
- Windows 2003
- Windows XP
- Windows Vista
To enable SmartSelect, you need to configure the Shared Applications settings in Virtual Machine Configuration.

To open some file on Mac OS X side with a Windows Application:
1 Right-click the file in Mac OS X, choose Open With from the shortcut menu, and specify the Windows application to open this file with.
2 When the file opens in the specified Windows application:
- Right-click this application's icon in the Dock and choose SmartSelect from the shortcut menu, or
- From the menu, choose Applications > SmartSelect > Edit > the application you want to set file associations for.

Smart Select option changes file associations on Mac side only. If you would like to set dedicated Mac application to open a file of defined type from inside of Windows machine, then you need to take steps listed below:

1. Select Windows file which you wish to open with one of Mac applications (for example, picture.png)
2. Right-click on it (Control+click if you use 1-button mouse or track-pad) and choose Properties

You can see, that currently "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer" application is set to open files with .png extension.
3. Click on "Change" and select desired Mac application to open files of this kind (let it be Mac Preview):

3. Hit OK in both windows and double-click on the file to make sure that it is opened in Mac Preview:

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