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Article ID: 5688, created on Nov 3, 2008, last review on May 11, 2014


In Parallels Desktop version 4 and Parallels Workstation Extreme new feature was introduced - Smart Guard.

You can configure Smart Guard per Virtual Machine
Open Virtual Machine -click Configure- in Features section - click Smart Guard

Smart Guard allows users to set the time period for automatic snapshot creation and the total amount of the created snapshots.

Usage scenario:
The user wants to backup his VM, but using manual snapshot creation is not always a good solution .
User enables Smart Guard feature and starts the VM.
Smart technology allows creating snapshots automatically according to schedule.

Smart Guard feature is enabled only with disabled Undo disk option for stopped VM.
For running/paused/suspended VM Smart Guard feature is available only if there is no turned on Undo disks and VM is not running in Safe mode. Smart Guard preferences are manageable on fly and Parallels Desktop automatically summarize all necessary data and make all required actions.

How to indicate the concrete Snapshot:

* The total amount of the hourly/daily/weekly/monthly snapshots is no more that 10.
* If Smart Guard wants to create one new snapshot, the oldest snapshot of this group is deleted prior to creating a new one.
* The last hourly snapshot is placed instead of the oldest daily snapshot on the next day
* The last daily snapshot is placed instead of the oldest weekly snapshot on the first day of the next week
* The last weekly snapshot is placed instead of the oldest monthly snapshot on the first day of the next month

NOTE: Manually created Snap Shots are not affected by Smart Guard Schedule

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