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Daily Billing process is a very important task and it is strongly recommended to monitor its processing. You may do it the following way:

1. Monitor the list of critical failures (Configuration Director > Event Manager > Critical Failures).
If you have found the task with 'DailyBillingProcessing' Event Type, click on it to see the error which occured while executing  the billing process.  After  the issue is resolved, go back to Configuration Director > Event Manager > Critical Failures and resubmit the task or wait till the next in turn DailyBillingProcess is triggered. The list of typical failures and their resolution is given in article #5501

2. Verify that all the customers were billed during last DailyBillingProcess execution.
Go to Operation Director > Account manger > Customers and filter the list ' Last Billing Date'. If some of accounts were not billed by last DailyBillingProcess, try to bill them manually: click on account name in the list of accounts and use 'Bill this account' button. If the account is billed you will get the following message:'Note: Account <ID> successfully billed.' Otherwise you'll see the error with description of the problem.

3. Check if DailyBillingProcess successfully completed
 First verify if it stuck in active tasks. Go to Configuration Director > Event Manager > Active tasks and search for tasks with 'DailyBillingProcessing' Event Type. Find wait time... Click 'Verify Status' button.
To make sure  DailyBillingProcess execution is completed, refer to BM.log: if you found "<0/>  BM :: DailyBillingProcess <date>" that means that DailyBillingProcess is over  without errors for this <date>. Please, find an example of log which allows to ensure that DailyBillingProcess successfully passed:

[Aug 06 11:20:34 537ms] <0/>  BM :: DailyBillingProcess 06-Aug-2008
BM_Container: clear state for 60
Waiting for 'ok' to continue from control channel

Method BM_Container.BM_Object_clone_1.DailyBillingProcess(transaction = 304398, user = -1);
        EndTime :       Wed Aug  6 11:20:34 537ms
BM_Object_clone_1: commit of transaction #304398 done

In case DailyBillingProcess was not completed properly, you may find ID of the account which was billied last. To do it, find the last mentioning of 'bPeriodicBillingProcess' method for the required date in BM.log.
Example:  <1/> bPeriodicBillingProcess :: makeBillingForAccount for AccountID=1000048

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